Digitizing Police Clearance Certificates

Authentific’s solution provides low touch, error free, digitized, secure authentication and verification

Paperless & Secure Police Clearance Certificate

Fast, easy and flexible verification against local, international law enforcement databases and judicial record extracts


Virtually impregnable physical and digital security standards protect your certifications from internal & external fraud

Instantly Verifiable Certificate

Near real time authentication of validity including physical and digital verification using sophisticated algorithms and custom stock paper

Revoke It Digitally

Secure and ongoing verification of conduct against databases to ensure that any changes to the validity of the PCC is reflected immediately

Multi-Tier Approval System

Flexible user and role definitions allow for complex workflow management depending on the specific needs of your business

Foolproof Security With High Security Paper

Authentific offers paper certificates with watermarks, Iris prints, Bi-color Chameleon and a raft of invisible security features that make replication almost impossible even for the most sophisticated counterfeiters

Bank Note Level Security

Authentific offers a multi-layered anti-counterfeit approach with the use of overt and covert security features, many of which are invisible to the naked eye, or cannot be seen without the use of specialized, custom made equipment. Overt measures include unique serial and PIN numbers, chemical protection, anti-copy, watermarks, and covert measures include over 2 dozen highly advanced technological anti-counterfeit measures

Add-On NFC Verification

Authentific provides sophisticated security features by embedding NFC chips into its security paper. Each document can be personalized, and only be read by a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile device

Learn more about Authentific NFC Tags

Multiple API Integrations

Real time verification is only as good as the accuracy and integrity of data received. Authentific’s open API allows for seamless integration to any system to send and receive important information 

Interpol to State Police Databases

Integrating using our Open API’s allow easy, bi-directional flow of data to and from source systems, compliant with stringent security protocols governing the transfer of sensitive data

Instant Issuance

Optimize your workflow and deliver efficiencies by automating the review, validation and issuance of certificates

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