Fake Degrees Costs Lives!

Citizens rely on qualified professionals and often trust them with their lives. An individual purporting to be a doctor can kill people and we have an obligation to prevent that from happening

A Degree Is As Valuable As A Passport Hence Similar Level Of Security Is Paramount

The value of an educational certificate is intangible, it’s in fact priceless. The Authentific solution allows you to protect this value by using passport level overt and covert physical and digital security features on every certificate

Instant Visual Verification

Authentication has never been easier using Authentific’s embedded RFID tags, QR codes and NFC technology that works with any smartphone

A Good High Security Paper Degree Is A Graduate’s ROI

Years of perseverance and commitment to a high quality education is often minimized by counterfeit degrees. Protect your investment by issuing Authentific degrees on high security paper

High Security Certificates Does Not Have To Cost A Fortune

Our flexible pricing models ranging from Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing to Unlimited pricing makes it cost effective for you to deliver world class high security certificates

50+ Anti-Counterfeit Security Features In One Paper

Cutting edge physical and digital verification, including special custom made security paper, and facial recognition makes counterfeiting nearly impossible even for the most determined counterfeiter

Digital Verification – Solved!

Ever wondered how easy it would be to digitally verify certificates? We’ve just solved that for you with Authentific’s authentication and verification tools

Graduates Prove Their Qualifications Instantly Via Authentific App

The average verification time for graduates qualifications is 2 weeks. Authentific’s App makes this minutes while still retaining both physical and digital security

App Agnostic Verification System

Our open standards make verifications App agnostic with the ability to integrate with any student management system

Paper Stock Integration With Authentific Software

Authentific Monitors Paper Inventory

Our paper inventory is tracked and monitored from the time of production through to every day use. Multi-tier verification and sophisticated audit trails make it possible to track and account for every piece of security paper

Add Variable Security Features With Authentific’s Desktop Security Printers

Our specially modified desktop security printers offer robust physical security features. Physical security features include lockable trays, security keys and special toner to print variable security features on documents.

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