World’s first, most advanced & secure Certificate Management and Verification system

    What is Authentific?

    Authentific improves the process of creating and issuing certificates. It is designed for educational institutions and certification bodies to issue anti-counterfeit certificates which can also be verified instantly via smartphones.

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    Key Advantages

    • Total Control: Authentific’s comprehensive dashboard gives administrators real-time reporting of the activity of all accounts anytime, anywhere.

    • Secure: Designed with security in mind, Authentific contains the most powerful digital security features
      providing complete accountability to preventing unauthorized use & external attacks.

    • User Friendly: Authentific’s user-friendly interface is designed for novice users to system administrators within any institution with minimal or no training required.


    Authentific packs powerful set of features – from micro level user permissions to certificate design module to secure print controls. Administrators can also restrict users by their IP addresses too.

    Tier Level

    Authentific allows to set user rights & unlimited approval levels to prevent unauthorized issuance of certificates.


    Authentific comes with built-in Designer to create templates for any type of certificates.

    Audit Logs

    Authentific stores every click by users which can be viewed by administrators in real-time. These audit logs can never be deleted, even by us!


    Authentific seamlessly integrates with high security anti-counterfeit paper with features like Anti-Photocopy/Scan, Invisible Ink, Chemical Protective Ink, invisible UV Ink, NFC microchip & more.

    IP Address

    Enterprise administrators can virtually isolate Authentific accounts by filtering all Internet IP addresses except from their own protected domain.

    Print Controls

    The system records & validates every unique paper printed successfully hence blocking any attempt to re-print certificates to avoid duplication & fraud.

    How it works?

    Authentific’s user-friendly interface
    is designed for novice users to system
    administrators with almost no training required.

    Instant Degree Verification with a Tap

    Issue Certificates with NFC Tags which can be Verified in Seconds

    • The unprecedented solution combines Authentific’s NFC tags with Security Certificate paper to power frictionless, secure and instant verification

    • Authentific’s Secure NFC tags surpass the authentication capabilities of today’s NFC labels, static tags and QR codes by generating a unique, “one-time-use” URL each time an Authentific NFC tag is tapped by a mobile device.

    Take Full Control

    Comprehensive Dashboard with Real-time reporting

    • Authentific allows administrators to view activity of every transaction, prints, scans, verification, number of students and number of certificates printed in real-time.

    • Leverage the power of your data to deliver real time analytical capabilities allowing you to react quickly and improve decision making capabilities 

    Tier Level Approvals

    Set Multi Layer Approvals to Eliminate Internal Fraud

    • Authentific allows administrators to set user rights & unlimited approval levels to prevent unauthorized issuance of certificates.

    • Tier level approval system helps you avoid mistakes, protect data, bring transparency and automation in the process.

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